While cybersecurity can be a complex and challenging field, some aspects of it are all too clear. The number of threats to individuals & corporations is growing rapidly, as is the number of bad [...]

The productivity of software developers at Griffin Group Global is the top priority of mine. Challenges abound within software development plan that curbs this productivity. At Griffin Group [...]

Cybersecurity in today’s big data environment faces multiple challenges and requires ever-increasing diligence and smarter, stronger privacy tools. Without having knowledge of what data is being [...]

Nowadays most organizations are aware that they may have already been breached or are on the radar of sophisticated cyber criminals. Consumer-grade equipment tends to be more vulnerable to attack [...]

As an information security professional, this is painful to say, but Cyber attackers currently have the upper hand, and it’s getting worse.  Attackers have the mathematical advantage, they can [...]

Secure cyber defense encompasses the technologies, processes and practices that are put in place to provide protection from cyber-attacks. These attacks are designed to inflict harm against a [...]

Although businesses and institutions have traditionally dominated the cyber security industry. Now increasingly it is ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals in need for digital protection. UHNW [...]

As the number and frequency of cyber-attacks designed to take advantage of unsuspecting personnel are increasing. The significance of the human factor in cyber security management cannot be [...]

Data breaches, ransomware, cyber attacks targeting big corporations and small businesses alike. Rarely a day goes by without another reminder in the headlines that improving security should be a [...]

With each new high-profile hacking, billionaires, executives, and entrepreneurs are continuing to learn fame makes them an even more attractive target for criminals. Personal information, is all [...]

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